Clean & Sober Streets


Clean & Sober Streets

“Clean & Sober

Streets gave me a new beginning.”

Bobby S.

“I can take it one day at a time.

If not, one drink would be endless.”

Jermaine W.

Our alcohol/drug free setting encompasses much more than just the absence of alcohol and other drugs.  It promotes the attitude that a joyful and productive life is possible without alcohol or mood-altering drugs. 

Since many addicts cannot conceive of a life without drugs, the demonstration of an alcohol/drug-free life is critical.


The men and women who come to Clean & Sober Streets for help have a variety of backgrounds. Many have long histories of substance abuse, homelessness and/or incarceration. They come to us with medical problems and legal conflicts. Some have little education or marketable skills. 

We remain successful with chronic drug and alcohol abusers due to their willingness to make a change from unhealthy lifestyles which may have included the pain of incarceration, of living in the streets, and of being alienated from family and friends. 

C&SS demonstrates a chemical-free philosophy through the living examples of our residents.  The evidence is seen every day in the successful lives of people living alcohol and drug-free.

According to C&SS Founder and Director Julia Lightfoot,

“Today there is no comparable low-cost system

that offers what Clean & Sober Streets

has successfully provided for twenty nine years. 

Since we opened our  doors in 1987, we have  provided

treatment services for over 5,000 men and women.”

offers long term residential and outpatient

drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation services for men and women who are willing to recover in Washington, DC.

Clean & Sober Streets graduated its first group in January 1988. Since that time we have assisted over 5000 participants, who had the opportunity to pursue residential treatment in stays of 30 days and longer. C&SS also offers an intensive 3 month out-patient treatment program with OutPatient and Intensive Outpatient services, case management, and individual and group counseling.

Using the 12-Step philosophy, the program survives and thrives due to community support from concerned organizations and individuals seeking to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

“Clean & Sober

helped me to put order in my life.

The program also helps me to stay sober and to believe in my recovery.”

Tameeka B.

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Clean & Sober Streets can help you to address your recovery options

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